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Heliostrata is an independent and local business dedicated to bringing unique projects to life. A passion for 3D fabrication led to the creation of Heliostrata and is present to this day. We currently offer FDM 3D printing for a variety of needs as well as limited 3D modeling services. All jobs, big or small are treated equally and customer service is a point of pride. 

Thank you for taking the time to look into local options here in Barrie for your 3D printing needs.

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    Need functional or display prototypes of your designs?

    We offer reduced pricing on printing multiple iterations of your designs.


    Small batch printing is perfect when you need a number of parts, but not enough to justify molding costs.


    Heliostrata is available to print most requests. This includes one offs, special use, and abnormal prints. Even if you are not sure whether a design is possible, send us a queery. We have a number of tricks to make tough prints work!


    Limited 3D Modeling services are available. We can bring most simple designs into reality. However, we do not offer design work on complex devices or organic shapes.

Abstract Structure

Canadian Materials

All of our materials are sourced from a Canadian supplier located in Mississauga. At HELIOSTRATA we prefer to use the Filaments.ca EconoFil Refill Coils for financially and environmentally sustainable 3D printing!

If you are looking for something with a particular look or property, we would be happy to help you source the perfect material to bring your ideas to life! Just let us know what you have in mind when you request a quote.

*Please note, small orders may have to pay an additional fee for specialized materials.


Request a Quote

Please include a download link to what you wish to print or a copy of the design. All designs sent to Heliostrata will automatically be treated as confidential. Including details about the usage and look you are planning for the design can help us present you with the most appropriate options.

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